Meet The Midwife

Brittany Thornton, LM, CPM

Brittany is a Licensed Midwife and a Certified Professional Midwife living in Bell County with their two children and three stubborn, but very lovable, dachshunds. 


They have been involved in birth work for nearly a decade and uses their platforms to help advance reproductive rights, safe and respectful unbiased healthcare, and effective social change. When they are available, they volunteer their time and medical training with Street Medics Austin and assisting the homeless populations in Central Texas. They also provide travel midwifery services to families around the world. 


Brittany also serves as the National President of Omega Phi Alpha National Service Sorority, as well as a preceptor/educator with both Spark Midwife and the Midwifery Wisdom Collective and School. They are a registered preceptor and enjoys teaching and guiding the new generation of midwives as they learn and grow.


As a retired traditional surrogate, Brittany has helped grow families of many different dynamics, to include same-sex couples and single parents. In their off-time, you can find them on the lake, indulging in documentaries and reality tv, and of course, traveling the world!

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North American Registry of Midwives

Registered Preceptor

Midwifery Wisdom Collective & School

Mentor, Preceptor, & Facilitator

Spark Midwife

Certified Preceptor & Facilitator


North American Registry of Midwives

Certified Professional Midwife

Association of Texas Midwives

Voting Member

National Association of Certified Professional Midwives

Voting Member

American Society for Reproductive Medicine

Professional Member

Philosophy of Care

Lunaria Birth & Wellness prides itself on quality, unbiased and professional care. I hold myself to a higher standard and expect all of my staff and associates to do the same. Each staff member is carefully screened and interviewed to ensure that they will respect our clients and perform their jobs to the highest degree. Some of the tenets I hold in high regard are:

  • Clients deserve to feel supported, safe, empowered, and cared for.

  • Clients have full autonomy over themselves and their baby.

  • Clients will have access to evidence-based information and education to make a truly informed choice that's best for them.

  • I work in harmony with clients' outside/other medical providers.

  • I support a client's choices, regardless of my personal values or opinions.

  • I cannot guarantee outcomes but I will work to ensure that in the end, you feel heard and respected.

  • I work diligently to leave families empowered and birth better than we found it.


Brittany provides unconditional support for the reproductive rights of all people, to include but not limited to people who choose to terminate, trans women, LGBTQIA+ families, surrogacy arrangements, and alternative relationship dynamics. I also actively participate in moving legislation forward that supports the human rights of marginalized and oppressed people and commit to my community and online presence reflecting these practices.